Cloris Leachman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are tied for the most Emmy wins for any actor. For a scene in Interstellar involving a cornfield, director Christopher Nolan actually grew five hundred acres of corn and then sold it at a profit. Sylvester Stallone asked Dolph Lundgren to actually punch him while filming Rocky IV. This left him Stallone in intensive care for four days. As part of its management training program, NASA screens Armageddon and asks managers-in-training to spot as many errors as possible. Jack and Karen's characters on Will & Grace were originally not supposed to be friends at all, but producers noticed Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally's chemistry. When Leia told Han Solo, "I love you" in The Empire Strikes Back, he was supposed to reply: "I love you, too." Instead, Harrison Ford improvised the now famous line: "I know."