29 Music Stars Whose Kids Followed In Their Footsteps

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Musical talent runs in the family.

Children don't always inherit the best qualities of their mom and dad. We probably all know an apple that fell kind of far from the tree. Luckily for these kids, they DID get their famous parents' musical talent.

It's not every child who's able (or even wants to) to follow in the family business, especially when it's something as notoriously difficult as the music business. But these musicians' kids are not only fortunate (to have parents who can hook them up with big time record producers), but talented as well!

Talent is sometimes said to skip a generation, but these families disprove that theory. Whether they're country icons, Broadway crooners, rock legends, jazz pioneers, instrumentalists or even producers, these families have copious amounts of rhythm flowing through their bloodline. Imagine the kickass, song-filled family gatherings when your dad is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and you've got radio-worthy pipes! Yes, please.

Not all of these family pairings are obvious -we bet you'll be surprised by some. Read on to find out whose children are continuing in their music star parents' footsteps! Get Started