25 Surprising Famous People You Didn't Know Had LGBT Siblings

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Whoa, I totally did NOT know this!

Many people famous in all kinds of professions, be it acting, singing, sports or politics, have siblings who are gay. Some of these famous siblings may not identify as the gender they were born with. Or others may just be exploring how they feel about the whole thing. Either way, most gay siblings of celebrities find their famous family member is supportive, if not even right there active alongside them in the fight for equal rights. Some have even renounced their religion: Upon learning her brother was gay, Anne Hathaway (and her entire family) left the Catholic Church. Colin Farrell was best man at the wedding of his gay brother, whom he used to defend from bullies when they were kids in Ireland, and is a gay rights activist.

Other famous people with gay siblings support them without being super obvious about it. Did you know Richard Gere has a gay brother? Catherine Zeta-Jones has produced a few movies with her gay brother but you'll rarely find photos of them out and about. Then there are those sad stories of stars who you've known for years had gay siblings, like Madonna, herself a queen in the gay community. She's had an estranged relationship with her gay brother -- not for his preferences, but for things he's said about her. What other famous people in and out of Hollywood have LBGTQ siblings you didn't know about? Let's go! Get Started