27 Celebrities Who Married Up

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People who elevate their star spouses.

Celebrities seem to have it all. Wealth, fame, success and gorgeous clothes, cars and vacations beyond most of our dreams. Their lives are already glamorous and enviable. They may be household names who have won the highest accolades and awards in their field. And sometimes, they get hitched to someone who makes them look even better!

Stars can have their pick of the litter, it seems, when it comes to choosing a partner. Some marry "regular people," (a.k.a. non-celebs), many marry within the entertainment industry and some even marry their hairstylists or fans. What's interesting is when the person they choose as their life partner is even more impressive than they are.

Whether they are brainiacs, altruistic non-profit launchers helping humankind, beyond their betrothed's station in the looks department or simply a way more successful celebrity, these spouses elevate the stock of their star husbands and wives. Take a look at our roundup of stars whose already formidable careers and lives got a boost from their remarkable spouses! Get Started