33 Famous People With Unbelievable First Jobs

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Who shucked oysters, or taught P.E.?

It's hard to imagine famous people being anything but, well, famous. But other than a few exceptions, most people start out on a fairly even playing field, without an extra leg up. This means most of us had a crummy first job making pennies, whether slinging burgers at a fast food joint or cleaning toilets or dressing like a clown for kids' parties. I'm sure you can remember your first job. It probably paid minimum wage and has zero to do with whatever job or career you ended up with. But we'll bet you probably didn't have the strange jobs these stars took to make a buck or two. Did you tame lions, or clean up their cages? Two major Hollywood actors did just that. Did you know the pope was a bouncer, or that Hillary Clinton got fired from her salmon packing job in Alaska? You won't believe what the richest man in the world did for a living back in the day!

Before they were stars they were -- gasp -- people just like us! Check out the weirdest jobs these famous actors, rockers and other well-known figures held before fame and fortune changed their lives. Get Started