15 Celebrities With Insane Eating Habits

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Beauty is pain.

For some reason we never learn. Even though celebrities are not doctors or nutritionists, we still seem to turn to them for diet advice. Can we really help it? Famous folk encompass the ideal beauty standards of the moment. That means they are often thinner, with perfect skin, and immaculate features. Our entire society is designed to make us want to look like stars. No matter how edited their image is or how much primping went on, we still seem to think that by completing a fad diet, we will someday look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce. While I wouldn't recommend taking health advice from anyone but your doctor, I will say that celebrity diets reveal a fascinating aspect of stardom. They show just how far the rich and famous will go to maintain the illusion of a perfect image. So many of them will stop at nothing to drop "extra" pounds or keep their famous physique. It might seem senseless to give up something as nutritious as tomatoes or strawberries, but these stars are no stranger to such restrictive eating. If you are tempted to take dietary recommendations from celebrities, you might want to steer clear of these folks. Get Started